Power Recliner Issues

Power recliners are very popular today- long gone are the old La-Z-Boy recliners with the handle on the side. Power mechanisms are very convenient, especially for older people who lack the strength to rotate a handle that is located way down on the bottom side of a recliner… but there are issues with these modern wonders as well.

These electronics malfunction quite often. In fact, many people have asked me, “If my car’s power seats have worked so well for so many years, why am I having problems with a recliner that I’ve only had for 3 months?” It’s a good question with a simple answer: the car’s electric seat is made with far better components. They are considered to be commercial grade parts that are designed not to ever malfunction. The family recliner’s parts are considered to be light duty.

There are things that you can do to maintain and repair your recliners if they have a problem. Click the links below:

The most viewed article on troubleshooting power recliners is below:

For parts, refer to the parts page. Here is the link:    PARTS REFERENCE