Repair Parts Listing

Instead of searching the internet for hours to find a replacement part, I have provided several companies to reference for the Do It Yourselfer. The companies listed have catalogs that will enable you to search for exactly what you need, and the list is updated when ever I find something of value. Below are some of the most common things people look for, but don’t know where to get it. Click on any one to go directly to the site. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let me know and I can probably put you in the right direction.

 ***Square 23 exclusive***    Sought after bed rail hook retro-fit:

To purchase hook plates, click here.



Coming Soon: Bed Rail Hook Plate Kit (set of 4). Custom design plate in production. Click here for the link from Square 23..

*** FurnWork exclusive***     Coming soon:  Universal Spring Clip

Spring Clip

An easy to mount spring clip for any spring clip rail. Once the base is mounted, a top plate will hold the spring securely in the bracket so it can never pop out. Holes are offset to prevent splitting the wooden rail.


VanDyke's. Hardware, knobs, and pulls.

Hardware, knobs, and pulls.

WOODWORKER.COM “File Clips” and anything for the woodworker

Bruce Bochenek Catalog. Great source for affordable nuts/ bolts, etc.

Swisco Catalog. Drawer guides of all types

Caster City Source for any light in furniture Power recliner remotes and switches

Source for hardware, legs, connectors, etc.

Leather and wood touch up supplies again Power Recliner transformers

Sleeper mechanisms/ mattresses

4 thoughts on “Repair Parts Listing

    • If the motor is making a noise- like it is working, but there is no motion, then it is either disconnected from the mechanism itself OR (most likely) has stripped a gear inside the motor’s case. The gears are usually made of plastic and will sometimes break, strip, or move out of alignment. These motors are usually very light duty and prone to issues under high stress or high usage. The most likely way to resolve the issue will be to replace the motor.


  1. I have a theater seat power recliner with controls around the cup holders. The controls on one of the cup holders were intermittent so I took out the screws that held the top of the cup holder in place. The buttons work fine when pressed directly with the top part of the cup holder removed so I’m not sure what is going on. Do I need to replace the part with the buttons and if so where can I get them? Any advice would be much appreciated.


    • It sounds like you actually do have a problem with the switch itself. If the furniture is still under warranty, call the retailer’s customer service department to have a technician come out to take a look at it. They can order any part needed, and will also install it for free as long as the warranty is still in effect. If it has expired, they may still send someone at your expense- ask about the cost and the guarantee. The only other thing I could advise is to search for the switch online to see if you can get it- it should just plug into the wiring harness. An easy do it yourself fix.


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