Demand for Hook Plates

For nearly half a century, many manufacturers designed beds that utilized a “hook on” rail system. Over time, the hooks get loose, and sometimes fall out. After all, the rails are usually made of plywood that splits easily while the hook plates are embedded between layers of the ply that are held in place by 2 metal dowel pins.

I came up with a hook plate design that is easy to repair a bed that has this old design. The good thing is the plates worked well- the bad thing is that I sold out of my supply pretty quickly; so I have not been able to provide those in need of a set of hook plates.

I’ve located a new vendor to manufacture them and requested a bulk order of these that should be available Spring 2019. I’ll keep you posted.


plate 2


2 thoughts on “Demand for Hook Plates

  1. That is great news!!! I have been searching and waiting for this type of bed book. If i need to pre-order i definitely want to put in an order. I don’t want to miss out! Kirby, let me know if this is possible!


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