In response to requests

The two most viewed articles on this blog are: Troubleshooting Power Recliners, and Thomasville Bed Rail Repair. I’m frequently asked about parts and where to find them. There are some that I just cannot locate a vendor for, so I decided to find a company that can produce them me and offer them through this blog. Below are a couple of drawings I did in SketchUp to provide to the prospective vendor.

Dozens and dozens of people have inquired about the simple bed rail hook. For decades, many manufacturers used hook on rails for very expensive beds, and they can become loose and eventually come out after years of usage. I came up with a simple design that will permanently resolve this common issue. In the near future, I’ll be able to ship them to anyone who is in need at an inexpensive price. Why replace a perfectly good bed because the rails fail?

Having spent years as an on-site repairman, there were always things I needed when out in the field that cannot be found at Home Depot or Ace Hardware. They’re just too specific. Upholsterers and service techs always are replacing the clips that hold the seat springs to the frame. They get loose and come out, or sometimes just bend open enough to allow the end of the sinuous spring to come out. They are a pain to replace with the original type- which will most likely fail again. I have a design that will make replacement easy, fast (without fabric tear-down), and will be more reliable than new.

These parts will be available in bulk or by the piece. Once they’re in, I’ll upload short videos to illustrate how to install them.

Spring ClipRight Plate 2


2 thoughts on “In response to requests

  1. I purchased a power recliner couch from Raymour & Flanagan less than 2 months ago with recliners on both sides. Never had any problems until today. Recliners not responding to Touch buttons on either side. There is power to couch and couch was working fine when we went to sleep last night. Need a quick fix solution because I know this is nothing major, I hope.


    • There has to be an issue with the touch button and the connection if there is power. Check the wiring underneath first to make sure it hasn’t been cut and then trace it to the motor to make sure it is plugged in securely.


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