My brush with fame

Duane Allman

I was in Richmond Hill, Ga a couple of years ago on a service call. When I pulled up to the neighborhood gate which was on an old rural road in the middle of nowhere, I called the customer’s cell phone number and only got voice mail. The greeting message that I heard said, “You’ve reached Gregory, please leave a message.” So I did. Soon after, a lady met me at the gate and we proceeded into the neighborhood.

The road was lined with old Live Oak trees filled with Spanish moss. I pulled up into the driveway to park, and then we went into the house through the garage. The garage was spotless with a checkerboard floor, and it housed a couple of cars hidden by covers. The house was neat and was decorated with an eclectic sense of style. I proceeded to the bedroom to make some repairs to a poster bed.

After making the repairs, I was walking through the house and passed an interesting man’s cave. There were 4 old restored barber’s chairs that sat in front of a large screen TV. You know the ones, chrome with red leather seats… but I believe the red leather had been replaced by spotted cow hides that still had the hair on them. Awesome! And as I kept walking, I passed an old black and white framed photograph on the wall. It was a bank of a highway that had a carving dug into the side of it that said “REMEMBER DUANE ALLMAN”.

How odd, I thought. Who would have that iconic picture on their wall. Next to it I saw another picture of a man with long hair and a pony tail. He had a beard and the face of a famous rock star. Then it hit me. I was in Gregg Allman’s home. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be there- his assistant told me that he was working on putting together a tour with Alex Cooley.

She told me how he was nothing like most people think. A man of many talents. She even told me that he had decorated the entire home by himself… and it looked great.

I would have loved to meet him, and hoped he would call back needing something else- but it never happened. But I still had his cell number….




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