Reclining sofa adjustment

When the tops of the backs are not level and flush with each other:

Here is a good video for the Do It Yourselfer, or field tech on how to adjust a reclining sofa in order to make it look better. Reclining sofas are like 2 “one armed” recliners joined together with a static armless chair in the middle. They will tend to get out of alignment over time, but this video shows how to remedy common issues.


2 thoughts on “Reclining sofa adjustment

  1. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve one end I sit on most. The upright is loose. Just couldn’t figure how it would be made more secure. On feeling the inside where ( I now know is the release clip) at to top end I could feel this small hole. I reckoned it was some type of ‘Allen Key’? Tried Allen keys, ball point keys, star keys to no avail. It was just a hole after all.
    Thanks from the UK June 2017. All made clear and simplified.
    Many thanks…,


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