Recliner How To’s: “Best Chair”

Removing a back

Removing the mechanism

Installing the mechanism


2 thoughts on “Recliner How To’s: “Best Chair”

  1. Ok so I currently have a power recliner that does not pitch properly. I’ve been told that there is a way to adjust the pitch on a power recliner but I’m unsure of how to go about doing that and finding any videos on how to. I’ve only been able to come across videos on a regular recliner that does not Have power. Id appreciate it if you could help point me in the right direction on adjusting my power recliner thank you


    • Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the pitch on an electric recliner. Most manufacturers will say that there are an infinite number of positions on an electric mechanism, but the pitch will only change when you reach a certain point in a reclining position. Probably not what most people have in mind when the chair sits up too straight, or seems to be a little too laid back.


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