Annie Sloan vs. DIY Chalk Inspired Paint

The best lessons are learned the hard way…

The Rustic Lantern

My husband surprised me with Annie Sloan’s book, Color Recipes For Painted Furniture and more.  It’s a great book, if you get the chance, check it out!


While flipping through the pages, my daughter fell in love with the “Painted and Gilded bed” pages 58-61.


It is painted with ASCP Antibes Green with Dark Wax, so NOT my color choice. Remember, my color palette consists of gray, gray, and more gray?  I needed a little pick me up on Mother’s Day, so I decided to paint her bed.  Big problem…I didn’t have Antibes Green on my paint shelf, and why would I?  I’d have to make my own chalk-like paint if I was going to be painting that day.  If you peruse Pinterest you will see all sorts of  DIY recipes for chalk inspired paint.  I am using “chalk inspired” because Annie Sloan trademarked – Chalk Paint®.  I headed to Lowes and…

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