Tip of the year: Removing yellow stains


I have spent tons of money on expensive cleaners, and even a hot water extractor to remove stains from upholstery. In the past, as a service technician, I would have to perform mattress inspections and would inevitably come across a bed with yellow stains from bodily fluids (sweat and urine). These stains would never come out with steam, or extraction… not until I met someone who taught me the trick.

The trick is using a chemical that will do the work for you; actually in about 30 minutes with no rubbing or scrubbing. To make things even better, it’s something that you probably already have in your home- in the medicine cabinet. Just put some in a spray bottle and spray the surface until it’s really damp. What is it? Hydrogen Peroxide.

H2O2- hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer… kind of like Oxy Clean. It will neutralize yellow stains on white cloth in a matter of 15 to 30 minutes. By letting the spray “dwell” for a while, it will eat away the stain in the material without damaging the fibers. It even works on lipstick, or stains that have dye in them. If you have a stubborn stain, simply saturate the area and let it sit for 15 minutes and then place a lightly damp terry cloth on the stain and then iron the terry cloth. The heat will steam the stain out of the cloth (or carpet) and it will transfer into the terry cloth.

In fact, the guy who taught me trick demonstrated this technique on a mattress that had purple stains from a new set of burgundy colored sheets that someone did not wash first before placing them on the bed. He drizzled the hydrogen peroxide on the stains, and then placed white paper sacks on top and ironed them; which literally soaked up the stains out of the mattress like magic.

Since learning this trick, I have recommended it to at least a dozen people of whom were told that a mattress warranty had been voided due to an unsanitary condition. All were recommended to have a professional to clean the stains before a reinspection. They followed up with me to let me know that their mattress looked good as new after a couple of sprays with H2O2.


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