Thomasville Bed Rail Repair

I get calls occasionally to repair a bed that has collapsed. Many times I will find that the hooks have pulled loose from the mounts in the rails. Most rails are made from plywood in order to prevent warping, but sometimes these plys will separate at the groove the hook is inserted into. If you catch it early, then the rails can be salvaged.

The following slide show shows the hardware that I carefully removed from the rails, and the substitute hardware that is readily available from hardware stores. They are unseen once the bed is assembled and will function well. I have since designed hardware that will be an easier fit for replacement, and faster as well. I will update retrofitting instructions once I have the vendor ship a supply.

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I know this may be considered “overkill” because many people will simply countersink screws from the inside to pull the plys together tightly after placing the hooks back in. I wouldn’t trust that for the long term since the pins would never fit back securely (remember that they wallowed out the wood they were mounted in). In the past, I have tried to remount the hooks using the same pins and it has never worked for long.

The bolts I used were actually slightly larger in diameter than the pins. I had rather make my repair better than the original design so I can offer a lifetime guarantee.

There are many other methods, and even different hardware one could use to make a similar repair. This type seemed fitting for the nice Thomasville bed.

Update 7/ 2016

Below is a hook plate that would also have worked. For some reason, I could not locate a supplier for these, so I decided I would have them made. These can be screwed into the inside of a rail, and the screws will actually pull the wooden plys (plywood rail) back together tightly. This will make the wood strong again if there are any splits.

There is a distinct left side, and right side. There is also a 90 degree bend so that the hook is in the exact location as one that was embedded in the end (originally). These plates are a custom design and are currently being produced domestically. Pricing and availability cannot be provided at this time, but will be updated as soon as possible as well as payment method. Please follow this blog if you are in need of this hardware to receive an update on shipping dates.


17 thoughts on “Thomasville Bed Rail Repair

  1. Where do I find the threaded inserts? All that I can find at home improvement store are the cheap ones with the pointed pins behind the head.


    • The hook plate is the best fix. I found these on a rail system of a Chinese import that is sold through the furniture company I work for. I have searched the internet to find this hardware and have not been successful. I’m sure many beds use this, and you would think there would be a distributor for the hardware. You can find replacements for the stock hooks… but most people have the old ones because the rail has split and tbey cannot remount them. I tried the hook plate you see and it has worked without fail dozens of times. I can get a left and right set to mail for $50. Let me know if you are interested.


      • The hook plates pictured at the bottom of the post are nearly impossible to find, but I have a spare set that I paid $35 for a few years ago. I can probably ship them for cost plus the price of shipping. The regular hooks are available at many places… See the links on the PARTS tab or simply Google “bed rail hook plate”.


  2. I watched your video on repairing the thomsville bed I believe it was called, I am experiencing the exact same situation as in the video but I believe an additional step needs to be taken, the additional step is to look further into the headboard and find out if the parts for the hooks to hook to are still worthy of use. I need to fix this bed due to it being a very expensive part of a set I purchased several years ago. The design seems faulty, or extra ruff kids are present, either or I am in need of a full scope on the repairs I can perform to both parts of this system. If you can be of assistance can you contact me at 513 800 3957 cell or home 937 402 4366 Thanks Steve


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