The finest furniture money can buy, made in America…

Made to Order - Made to Last

People ask me all the time “I don’t mind spending more money for something really nice. So where can I get the “good” stuff?”

There are many manufacturers that have a high end reputation like Thomasville, Century, Sherrill, Pennsylvania House, Baker, Henredon, BUT my favorite is still Hickory Chair. They’ve been around for a while and still produce investment quality furniture. It is expensive though. If you are looking for any of these higher end manufacturers, I suggest to go to Craigslist, Ebay, or a local Thrift store to look for the names on the labels.

The other day I went into a thrift store ( St. Francis’ Thrift) on Hilton Head Island and saw a Baker Camelback sofa. This is a very traditional piece that is still made today and will NEVER go out of style. If purchased new, the price would start at $3500 (depending on fabric) and could go as high a $6000. The one in the thrift store had an asking price of $140. It needed to be reupholstered (white fabric), but after investing $500 to $1000 you would have a beautiful one of a kind sofa that your friends would envy.

I personally have a Hickory Chair sectional in my living room. I bought it used for $250 and reupholstered it. I have a total of $2000 in it, but Beverly Hall had the same frame on it’s showroom floor for $9999.00.

By it used.

J. Hirsch 1


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