Repairs and Refinishing.

Can anyone restore a piece of furniture? Not exactly. There is a proper way to make repairs, and an improper way that will make things worse. I like to think that my repairs are the best thing about a piece I’ve worked on.

There are times when it is best to make a repair that is absolutely invisible; refinish a piece with modern products that make it more durable than it ever was, or alter it to make it work for today’s homes. However, there are times to make a repair “noticeable” in the way someone would’ve decades ago. Furniture that was considered worthy to be fixed rather than scrapped will bear these badges of honor. These visible imperfections truly are “character” and tell a story.

Sometimes, I will actually refuse to do a repair at all: if the piece is rare and should not be touched, or if it is a waste of money because it is a piece of junk. There is no substitiute for experience when it comes to dealing with fine furniture or antiques. An inexperienced person, or at the very least an unskilled one, can cause you to waste money.


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