Sofa Back Panel Repair step by step

The top of the outside back seam has opened up

Here is a closeup of how it looks across entire back

The first step is to remove the feet. Here they are rotated out of the way.

Using a staple puller, pop out all staples on dust cover and bottom of fabric.

Remove the staples on the fabric with diagonals of regular pliers.

I use a magnetic bowl to put the old staples into.

Use a small flat pry bar or screw driver to remove the tack strip. Remember to be careful since you will hammer this same strip back down.

Gently pry all the metal tack up in order to gain access to the top.

Fold the panel over the top to expose the inside of sofa.

The manufacturer used staples that were too short and pulled loose when fabric was pulled tight.

Use a good stapler with long staples to fasten cardboard tack to frame.

After stapling the cardboard tack, use the mallot to flatten any staples that may still be high.

Ensure the panels are tight and flat before reattaching metal tack strips.

Make sure to use pliers to straighten any bent points.

Use of rubber mallot to hammer tack strip back in.

Metal tack after using mallot is flat.

Dust cover restapled.

Dust cover reinstalled, and legs remounted.

Repairs are final and the seam is tight.

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