Every so often I see something that surprises me

A few days ago, I was sent a workorder from a client to inspect a mattress for a sagging issue. It had been in the home for about 5 years, so I was interested to see how much wear and tear it actually had.

When I arrived at the home, it was a very large one in a nice neighborhood (the Mercedes was just outside of the garage). Everything seemed to be follow the “usual” as far as service calls go. The people were nice, the house was clean, and the furniture was upscale. Then I reached the bedroom.

Of course the bed was still made up, so I took off all of the bedding, and to my surprise I noticed some soiling on the surface. Of course I have seen the usual small brown stains, the large yellow stains that kids leave us as a permanent reminder of their childhood, and even the remnants of spilled beverages at the head or foot of a mattress. What I saw this time looked more like someone gave birth in the middle of the night. Yeah, I know.

Keeping my composure as a professional would, I made light of the situation and gave them little hope of any assistance from the Customer Service Department. I still performed a complete inspection and found that they did indeed have a legitimate warranty issue with a body impression that was about 2 inches deep.

I’m glad that I keep latex gloves for just such an occasion. Sometimes I wonder why chose the profession I’m in. I actually would never call for an inspection on something like this. In fact, I had a mattress that pretty much did the same thing as this one (sagging), but my babyhad spilled sippy cups, dropped bottles in the night that dripped juice, and even had a slight stain from a protective mattress pad that that ended up not being completely waterproof. Would a technician believe me if I said that a my child did that? Probably… I hope so, but I didn’t want to take the chance so we just kept it.

I’ve seen embarrasing things like stains, guns between the matt and box, money, and even an adult toy once. These things make me smile, and are quickly forgotten, but a stain that is larger than a waitress’s serving tray is hard to forget.

There is a happy ending to this one though. A professional upholstery cleaner was able to get rid of the stain, and I went back out solely for the purpose of a reinspection for stains. It was clean! The stain did not even show up with the flash being used on the camera (yes I have to take photos). Kudos to the person that had to get messy.

Maybe my job isn’t so bad after all.


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